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Steve G
11-14-2001, 06:45 PM
Time to liquidate some inventory smile.gif Seriously, I bought these two Weasels in order to make a logging skidder out of them. I was going to pull the French Tracks off the T24 and sell it complete, while I would strip down the M29C and repair it to runable condition. Instead, I just bought a Bombardier Muskeg and trailer, so now I don't need to go through the hassle. The two vehicles are:

Restorable T-24 $3000
Good Points
Running original engine, needs standard going over
Body in decent shape, but needs some work
Some body modifications, but nothing that can't be undone
Running gear in excellent shape
3xFrench Tracks & many spares
All rear deck stuff, including maintainence covers.
Repairable brush guard
Some spotlight parts (one or two NOS)
Some parts from air vent assembly (including lid)
Good sprockets
NOS T24 early M29 single piece idler
Repairable T24/M29 gas tank, filler neck, and cap
Good condition Radiator
Original Fuel pump (working?) or can arrange for NOS pump for $100
Muffler screen (correct for T24?)
One seat back
Many odds and ends present and in good shape
Bad Points
Current fuel setup is not original
No windshield or wiper motors
No complete spotlight (typical)
No trouble light (typical)
Missing engine cover
Some gages not original
Standard mechanical/body work needed.
No exhaust system worth mentioning.

Parts/Project M29C (late production) $2500
Good Points
Original engine, "stuck" but complete. No idea what is wrong.
Engine compartment and everything related to engine is original and present.
Has what looks to be decent condition resealable gas tank and fuel pump.
Full rear deck setup, missing one maintainence cover.
Spotlight pistol grip and reel.
Engine cover in great condition
Good condition windshield frame (busted glass)
Wiper motors
Some engine air vent parts (including cover)
Extra suspension parts.
All original control pannel in really good shape (not sure what works or not)
Suspension parts look to be in good shape
Good condition sprockets
Bad Points
Body is in really bad shape. Heavily modified and horribly abused. It could be repaired, but it would take a lot of work. Probably easier to get another hull.
No tracks. The ones that came with them were badly repaired and largely destroyed (guide lugs worn down to nothing).
Engine doesn't run for unknown reason.

Both are located in central Maine. If you live in New England, shipping might be arranged from this end. Otherwise buyer will have to make arrangements.

The T24 is a good project vehicle, but it needs some hard to find parts to be fully restored (such as 15" tracks). If you just want a fun semi historically correct runner, this would be a good one with minimal work.

The M29C is an excellent source of parts for any mid/late model M29C project. It could also be a good involved restoration project (i.e. the hull is in bad shape) since pretty much everything is there already. But it is certainly not a runner as is. Also will need a set of tracks.

I might be able to provide a set of restored tracks at later date. I'm taking the abused remains of the tracks which came with it and seeing if I can get a usable set or two combined with 5 other tracks I have lying around. Having 7 tracks to work with should yield at least two sets, which is one more than I need.

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