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Finding Weasel USA numbers

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  • Finding Weasel USA numbers

    If you want to locate the original Blue Drab numbers that your vehicle ( M-29 / M-29C ) was delivered with measure 34 to 36 inches from the center line of the bolts on the front side of the vehicle towards the rear.

    About 4 to 6 inches up from the top of the flairs on the sides........

    This is where the USA number will be. It will start with 401.......

    The numbers will be in Blue Drab paint.

    If the numbers cannot be found then the hull was stripped or sand blasted when it was rebuilt.

    It is important when sanding for original numbers that you follow a set pattern.....

    First...start with #300 grit wet/dry sand paper. Use water.

    Start sanding at the dimension I gave.

    SLOWLY....sand 4" area and sand off the paint layer by layer.....first one layer until it is all gone....then the next and so on....until you see STOP....

    Repeat the process on the next 4" area.......and on for about three feet.

    Now STOP.....get some #600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and , using water, s-l-o-w-l-y sand the first area until you start to see blue drab. If you sand through the blue drab in this area it is not a problem as the numbers will start with 401 or is the last five numbers that we want to find.

    Again, slowly, take your time, have a brew......and sand until you see the rest of the numbers. As the outlines slowly come out sand around, not over, the numbers. After this is done slowly sand over the numbers until you can see them...then get a camera and take several photos. Many times the camera will "see" the numbers clearer than your eye can.

    It is very important not to rush this....once the numbers have been sanded through they are gone forever!

    I have used this procedure on many vehicles and almost always have been able to find the original numbers.

    Good luck and please post or send me the numbers when you find them.

    Jim Gilmore

    Jim Thorpe, PA.

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    Finding T-15 & T-24 Numbers

    If you have a T-15 or T-24 or early M-29 that was painted white from the factory your USA number was located in a different place on the vehicle than the later ones.

    On the T-15.......

    The USA number on the T-15 was painted on the rear bulkhead behind the passenger seat. It was originally painted in a gray paint but sometimes these were repainted in black later on.

    On the T-24 and early M-29 ( painted white).......

    The USA number was painted on the bulkhead behind the driver's seat just under the main data plate. This number was painted in a gray paint. When these vehicles were delivered they were all painted white with one of three camouflage schemes. Due to the camo they did not have their USA numbers painted on the outside of the vehicle. ( In many occasions when they were later repainted in Lusterless Olive Drab the USA number was painted on the outside in white paint)

    Sand this area behind the driver's seat the same way as in the above posting. NOTE....some later M-29 and M-29C Weasels have been found to have their USA number painted behind the drivers seat after being delivered to the US Army. If you cannot find the number on the sides then try behind the driver's seat on them as well.

    Again...please post or send me the numbers you find.

    Jim Gilmore

    Jim Thorpe, PA.


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      Thanks Jim,

      This was great info when I was looking for the USA number on my T15....I had no data plate so it was great to be able to get a number... I'm pretty sure the T15 USA number had the vehicle serial number as part of it? is that true?

      Thanks for adding good content.... It's a shame we lost the time to fill in the blanks.... quality posts help!




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        Rob....wish you would have told me about the missing data plate!

        On many (almost all) T-15 vehicles the ORD/MFG number was painted on the front of the hull in black paint. If you don't have the main data plate then sanding the front will most times reveal the ORD number of it. This was done by the using service after they were delivered. Since there was no USA number on the outside of the vehicle it was very difficult to "go out and get T-15 # such and such.." as you had to look inside each vehicle until you found the one you wanted. To make this easier they painted the ORD number on the front . This was also done to many early T-24 units that were delivered in white and black camo.

        Sanding the front might have shown your ORD number. Attached is a photo from Dennis Foster of his T-15 # 129 that shows this and another wartime photo that has the number on the front.

        You asked about the ORD # being part of the USA #.........only by coincidence ........It was not part of the USA #

        Jim Gilmore

        Jim Thorpe, PA.
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          Your info was helpful....when we talked before, I also tried to get a number off the hull....with no luck, but I didn't dig too far. Then I tried the bulkhead and was rewarded with the USA #....worked great! thank you!

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            Great that you have found the USA number!

            I have very a limited number of T-15's in my database and only a couple of Archives data/photos that show the USA number as it is always inside the vehicle. I do have over 278 of them listed by the ORD/MFG number in my Archives data/photo list.
            Going by your USA number this is a very late T-15. ORD number would be around 700 to 725 for this number.

            Jim Gilmore


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              I should add that some T-15's had the ORD number painted on the might want to try there...

              Jim Gilmore