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  • Weasel production changes


    I have been compiling on a list of all the changes that where made to the weasel during production and come up with list stated bellow.
    There are a few I have not been able to confirm, they are marked in red. If anybody has anything to add or correct please chime in.

    All change came into effect from the serial number after the one stated in the list.

    807: Oil seals instead of just gaskets are now installed on the drive sprockets shafts.

    1002: The heater switch is no longer installed.
    The ignition switch is changed to a three position switch.
    The radiator is changed to one with larger capacity.
    The fan shroud is changed
    The fuel filter is moved from the front coaming next to the fuel tank, to in front of the radiator on the right hand side in the air duct.
    Grease nipples are installed for the lubrication of the on the bogie wheel shafts.
    Shims are now installed on the bogie wheel shafts to aid in setting bearing pre load.
    The engine compartment divider panel is changed to a two piece design.
    A canvas seal is installed around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment panel.
    The radio terminal box changes location.
    The radio antenna cable on the left side of the hull is no longer installed.
    Name change from T24 to M29.

    2102: Track deisgn is changed, 20" tracks are installed.
    Track skirts are now installed.
    The tow hook is changed to standard ”Jeep type”
    An H plate is installed on the gear lever.
    A guide bracket is installed in the engine for the gear shift rods.
    The compass is no longer installed.
    The voltmeter is no longer installed.
    The hand crank is no longer installed.
    The demolition charge is no longer installed.
    The drivers hand hold is no longer installed.
    The cargo partition is no longer installed.
    The installation of the bogie support arm is changed.
    The bogie wheel yokes change design to being cast instead of shaped from sheet metal.
    The extra rebound bumpers on the two middle traverse springs are no longer installed.
    The design of the traverse springs is changed.
    The idler wheel is changed to a split type design.
    Oilers are installed on steering lever shafts.

    2197: The transmission cover gets a breather hole.

    2365: Change of the safety clip in the clutch.

    3102: The hand crank hole is no longer installed.
    A transmission service access panel is installed in the rear floor.
    The search light is no longer installed.
    A fixed headlight is now installed.
    The battery is changed from one12 Volt to two 6 Volt in series.
    The location of the fire extinguisher is changed from the back to the front of the vehicle.
    More grease nipples are installed in the bogies.
    The brush guard design is changed, and can no longer be folded down.
    The top back curtain is now a separate piece.

    3132: All weasels are now painted OD instead of camouflage white and black.
    All canvas parts change colour from white to OD.

    3331: The radio interference filter on the generator regulator is changed to a condenser.
    The generator to regulator electrical harness is changed to a shielded type.

    3449: The track tension springs are changed to a 7 leaves design.
    An oil drain plug is now installed in the differential housing on the left side.

    3601: The fuel pump is changed from a two valve type to a six valve type.
    The air cleaner is change to the oil bath type.

    4102: The guide wheel shafts are now replaceable and no longer welded to the guide wheel mounts.
    The canvas seal around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment panel change colour from white to OD.
    Stretcher brackets are now installed.

    4477?: Name change from M29 to M29C.
    Floatation tanks are now installed.

    4935: Lubrication free bushings are now installed in the clutch pedal shaft.

    5478: Grease nipples are installed in the guide wheels.

    8141: Seat belts are no longer installed.

    9402: The text ”LIFT HERE” is now painted next to the lifting holes.

    9502: The mechanical fuel pump is no longer installed
    Electric fuel pump installed in the fuel tank is now installed.
    A new tool to check the track tension, by the use of a torque wrench, is now introduced.

    10922: A warning placard is added about the use of the clutch.

    11575: An opening is now in cut the left hand air duct panel to aid in air circulation.
    The design of the canvas seal around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment panel is now changed to a metal and felt design.

    12325: The differential drain plug is changed to a magnetic type.

    13199: The transmission drain plug is changed to a magnetic type.

    13560: The design of the clutch control linkage is changed.
    Drive wheel carrier brace rods are installed.
    The fuel tank is changed from a metal tank to a self sealing type.
    A ground wire is installed on the electric fuel pump.

    14682: The light switch design is changed to the rotary type.
    Blackout drive light is now installed.

    approx. 14999: (Planned, but not executed) Track tension spring design is changed from leaf spring to coil spring.

    15424: Weasel production ends, 1945.08.29.

    approx. 15562: (Planned, but not executed) A scraper is installed on the drive wheel carrier to keep dirt and debris out of the drive wheels.

    approx. 15681: (Planned, but not executed) A handbrake is installed.
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    Great information especially about the change at 1002. Believe it or not but Steve and I have T24 1002 here in Oz and I believe that the changes noted above at 1002 must have been rolled out on vehicle 1003 and above. ORD 1002 is described as a Cargo carrier light T24 not M29. I will take a high res close up photo of the ORD plate for you. Not much remains of 1002 but I can confirm that the radio terminal box is located in the early position. See attached photo.
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      Very interesting. That confirms what the book says.


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        When looking at your list it appears you may have compiled it from the parts books. These are not always correct.

        Some of your starting ORD numbers are not correct.

        1002 should be 1003
        2102 should be 2103
        3102 should be 3103
        4202 should be 4103
        "H" plate on shift mechanism came in at # 2369
        OD paint started at # 3248
        Vented transmission cover came in at # 2369
        Track tension spring leave added at # 3452
        Differential housing drain added at # 3450
        Weasel production ended at M-29C # 15426 ( Total Weasel production 1,5424 units,...... T-24, M-29, M-29C models )

        The data for these numbers comes from the Ordnance Department Project Supporting Papers ( PSP ) Files in the National Archives.

        I will add some more comments later as I am somewhat pressed for time right now.....

        Jim Gilmore

        Jim Thorpe, PA.


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          Yes, I have compiled the list from the parts book and TM 9-772 and TM 9-1772.

          I will update the list with your information.